Wedding day management

Wedding Day Management


This service is made for couple who make the choice to plan their wedding themselves. Everything is ready for the day, you have been through every stage of planning your wedding, however you want to be sure to enjoy your special day without any kind of worries. This service offers the piece of mind to know that dedicated professionals will be coordinating and supervising the day, taking care of the finishing touches and making sure the wedding is the success you planned.

Your day – We will meet with you to discuss the day’s arrangements. We will produce a detailed wedding day schedule and liaise with all suppliers to ensure they are well informed regarding the day’s arrangement and every little details concerned by.

Your chosen support, the party contact – We will get in touch with the best man and the chief bridesmaid to be aware of any surprises you may have during this day.

Behing the scenes – We are here on the day, armed with our emergency kit and making sure everythings runs smoothly.

Your privacy – We will liaise with suppliers and be a point of contact for both you and your guests throughout the day. We deal discretly with any mishaps that may occur.

Your special day, the most successful it can be with Carré Rouge Event, Wedding Planner & Designer.